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Asset Management

You should not lose sleep re-thinking the decisions you have made regarding your investment allocation.

Asset management can be the most challenging aspect of any family’s financial future. Successful investing involves time, discipline and a carefully selected balance of investment vehicles. Proper asset allocation should match your tolerance for risk with a diversified portfolio. We strive to build an asset allocation to meet each of your financial goals, both short and long-term, while also working within your sleep factor.

As the financial markets continue to expand and new challenges continue to develop, we strive to constantly conform and overcome these obstacles. Each year regulation increases in our industry as well. We strive to meet each and every requirement. You will have complete transparency at our firm and the ability to review your assets online at any time.

Fee-Based Asset Management

Enhancing and protecting your assets is our philosophy.

  • Our asset management fees are based on a percentage of assets managed. We are compensated for investment management, not from commissions earned through trading within your brokerage account or selling proprietary products. As an independent financial advisor, we are not tied in to any financial company, and we will seek out appropriate investments for your unique situation.
  • We earn one time commissions on certain products such as Variable Annuities, non-traded public real estate investment trusts, non-traded public business development companies, oil & gas partnerships or real estate LLC's that are not held in a managed brokerage account.

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