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Partnership Agreement

Our clients are entitled to:

  • Professional, prompt and courteous service at all times.
  • Integrity.
  • An ability to listen to their needs and assist them in implementing meaningful and appropriate solutions.

As your advisor, we are entitled to:

  • A returned phone call if you are unable to answer our initial contact. There is always a reason for our call pertaining to your economic goals and wealth.
  • A yes or no. Honesty strengthens our relationship, and allows us to serve you better. A maybe delays implementation of a solution, and we appreciate you letting us know what information will bring you to a yes or no.
  • Both positive and negative feedback. We will be able to enhance our relationship when we know what works for you, and what does not.
  • Ask detailed questions, so that we can understand your economic situation more clearly and perform more effectively. Also, we have the right to tactfully say what we feel during discussions.

If we perform to your satisfaction and standards, then we would appreciate being introduced to friends, family or colleagues of yours. Servicing clients is our livelihood, and we want you to feel comfortable working with us this way. We will never embarrass you.